Crowd and Audience Engagement


Slackline Event Entertain. Ideal for small events.

Ideal for small events.

Engage your crowds by having us perform, for those who are interested in experiencing balance first hand, we have a beginner line and an instructor to help them walk their first steps on a slackline.


Slackline activity for events with large footfall. Performances, workshops and games

Ideal for larger events.

Give your audience and crowds an experience they will remember, engage with and upload onto their social media pages. Numerous slacklines for beginners to learn on as well as performances by our instructors to gather crowds and attention. 

Presentation & Talk

Motivational speaker, presentation and talk by India's leading adventurer: Samar Farooqui talks

This is an A/V presentation by India's leading and record holding slackliner / adventurer. 

The story of slacklining in India. The hurdles, the milestones and the attitude of someone is creating a new path and leading the charge in his field


Slackline workshop for events in India

Want us to conduct a Balance workshop at your event. Easy, get in touch. 

Highline Performance

Highline peformance by samar farooqui for a crowd of people

The perfect recepie to drop the jaws of your audience. A dare-devil act keeping the audience on edge.